Eastern Coyote (Canis latrans x lycaon)

The eastern coyote is a relatively new species that originated approximately 100 years ago when expanding western coyotes moved into eastern landscapes and hybridized with remnant eastern wolf populations. This hybrid coyote is larger than its western counterpart and is typically intermediate in size between its two parental species. Although there is some suggestion that Eastern Coyotes may be at least partially filling the ecological role of top predator that was left vacant after Wolves and Cougars were extirpated, their current predation on White-Tailed Deer does not appear to be sufficient to effectively manage Deer populations. For more information on Eastern Coyotes click here.

Weight: ~15 - 25 kg (33 - 55 lbs).
variable;reddish-brown to seal grey
Litter Size:
 2 – 12 (average about 5). 
Age at Dispersal:
 ~ 9 – 10 months. 
Pack Size: 3 – 6
Territory Size: approximately15 - 25 km2